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ARRI Alexa Plus 16:9

The Arri Alexa Plus features a 16:9 Alev III CMOS Sensor (35mm format digital style: 23.76 x13.37mm) capable of rendering 14 T Stops of Dynamic Range.

The camera records its footage in HD resolution (1920 X 1080P) using 10 bit Apple ProRes codec 4:2:2 (HQ) or 4:4:4:4. Alternatively, with an additional license not usually provided in our package, it is also possible to record the footage in Avid DNxHD.

Arri Alexa 16:9 records its footage on Sony SXS cards and we provide them in 32GB size or 64GB size. With the 64GB Sony SXS card and a special license it is possible to record in super slow motion HFR (High Frame Rate) up to 120fps.

Arri Alexa 16:9 sensor's shape makes this Alexa suitable for shooting with Spherical PL Lenses or Anamorphic PL Lenses with the X 1.33 De-Squeeze factor. On this specific Arri Alexa model the Anamorphic feature can be enabled only with a separate software license that executes the de-squeeze of the frames.

The Arri Alexa Plus model differs from the Arri Alexa 16:9 EV because it has integrated Wireless Camera and Lens Controls features and one extra RS Accessory Power Out connector. Furthermore, only the Arri Alexa Plus embeds lens Metadata into the files taking advantage of the Cooke "i" system and the Arri LDS (Lens Data System).

Currently our Alexa Plus carries release 7.1 of the firmware which allows to record also in 2K resolution. In the near future a new upgrade will make it possible to use the "Gate" feature that will allow to use the whole available surface of the sensor for special VFX shots.

This model of Arri Alexa out-puts two separate 1.5G streams of data from its T-Link connectors, but to take advantage of that and have a 3K output, the camera needs to be connected to an external Arri RAW Recorder such as a Codex M or a Codex S.

When the Arri Alexa Plus records in conjunction with an external RAW recording device, it uses 2880 x 1620 photosites and the color bit depth increases from 10 to 12-14 bit, giving more room to the Colorist during DI to enhance his theatrical release.

1080p ARRI Alexa Demo Video

By Bertone Visuals

Tech Specs

  • Base Exposure Index: 800 ISO
  • Electronic View Finder : 16:9 Aspect Ratio - 10 bit lin / log - 316 x 1782 photosites
  • Lens Mount: 54mm stainless steel PL mount, Super 35 centered
  • Weight of camera body: 13.8 lbs / 6.3 Kg
  • Dimensions
    • L 39 cm/15.35"
    • W (viewfinder left) 27 cm/10.83"
    • H (with handle) 30 cm/11.81"
    • H (without handle) 23 cm/9.06"
  • Electronic Rolling Shutter: Adjustable from 5 to 358,0° with 1/10 degree precision.
  • Gamma Recording options on SXS cards: Arri C-Log or Arri Rec 709
  • Sound: Under 20 db(a) when recording to SXS cards with lens, measured 3 feet from the image plane
  • Power: Accepts 12 to 36V DC and when it is used with SXS cards it usually draws 90W
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